What is Piles Causes Hemorrhoids: Vedas cure

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What is piles?

– inflammation of the veins of the anorectal region. The reasons are diverse and many factors play a role in the severity of hemorrhoids.

The most important thing to keep in mind when treating hemorrhoids is that dehydration is a major aggravating factor. 

Causes of piles

Dehydration causes an increase in blood pressure that can intensify inflammation of the anorectal nerves. People with hemorrhoids should avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine, the latter being the main cause of dehydration. Drinking large amounts of water will also help with the treatment of the disease.

Another cause of hemorrhoids during constipation is excessive stress. Those who end up with an excess of lactic acid because of a diet low in fiber or an abundant consumption of dairy products,

They may find that constipation is a problem that aggravates their fight against hemorrhoids, these people do not have to ask what are the causes of hemorrhoids, the answer is simply: the foods they constipate and eat because of the need for stress. For these people, the answer can be as simple as a reserve of laxatives in the medicine cabinet and some minor changes in the diet.

Bad toilet posture can be another cause of hemorrhoids. The toilets have been used for our comfort, but comfort is not the best fit for our body design. The best position to use when finishing is a crouching motion.

Treatment of piles 

This Treatment of miles accomplished in the beginning by sitting normally, then leaning forward, touching your knees and elbows, and your feet begin to rise on the balls of your toes and feet. This allows an open and straight path for evacuation.

Another easy-to-use option is to use the toilets located at the back, the face you will need to widen your legs and feet backward, which will give you the right position for effective movement. Will stay close to This second option works best for men through a physically better intervention that prevents the first option from being too pleasant to achieve.

With that in mind, you should be able to fight your hemorrhoids more effectively. Now you know what are the causes of hemorrhoids and what are the symptoms of hemorrhoids and knowing that this is the first step to stop bad behavior.

This aggravates the situation. Hemorrhoids are not a major medical condition but should be treated ayurvedic treatment possible. In most cases, the symptoms of hemorrhoids will disappear because there is a factor that removes them and you must be careful not to disturb them.

Hemorrhoids cure Home Remedy

Here are some Piles Home Remedies Food for popular hemorrhoids. However, remember that if they do not improve the condition of the patient, you will need to see a doctor, as frequent hemorrhoids may require medical attention. But the good news is that many people have reported that these home remedies are effective and help reduce the piles.

Mix a little black mustard in a glass of plain yogurt. If the mustard is in seed form, start by reducing it to a fine powder. Mix well with yogurt and eat. Drink a glass of buttermilk later.

The peels contain pomegranate and keep the peels in a pot of water. Have a drink in the morning and a drink before going to bed. Another useful remedy for bread is a mixture of salt, pepper, and fresh ginger buttermilk. Drink few a day

Here is another Piles Home Remedies Food to relieve piles, bread, use black mustard seeds. Prepare a fine powder with 10 grams of seeds and add 5 grams of sugar and 50 ml of goat’s milk. Mix well and have a drink as soon as you get up in the morning. This mixture is especially good for hemorrhoids.


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