What is Yoga and Main Yoga Types for Beginners

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Before reading the Article, close your eyes and turn the focus domestic attention, for example, on the shoulders. Hold for a few seconds. Do you feel tension in the shoulder area? Is it true that you did not realize this tension immediately, but as you observe it? Listen to what feelings give you this feeling of tension? Now, with strong-willed effort, relax your shoulders. Exhale.

Most of us are in tension constantly, without even realizing it. When we seem to have a rest and feel relaxed enough, this tension in the body remains. The test is proof of this.

We live in an age of excessive activity, often not just in stress, when the stress stage for a long time does not give way to the body’s need for restoration and assimilation of energy by the stage of relaxation.

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a complex of exercises, including respiratory exercises, which help a person to become healthy, strong and achieve harmony. But this is not entirely true! Physical exercises are in yoga only a means or tool in spiritual practices. According to the principle that yogis call the “conjugation law” and are accepted by them for some reason on faith, it is believed that by influencing the body through the adoption of various poses, the yogi “gets an effect on the subtle body,” that is, affects the soul and spirit this is the main thing in yoga.

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Yoga is a complex and serious spiritual system. In my opinion, a rather sinister system. Why is it most often necessary to hear only about exercises, healing, balance, present in yoga.

There are people who are sure that there is nothing inappropriate for a Christian to straighten his spine or to develop joints in the yoga room.

The most important thing in yoga – its spiritual side, is not so important. Then it turned out that there are two principles in yoga.

1 – The principle of perfection

The principle of perfection is that any exercise no matter how it is done, by the very fact of its fulfillment becomes perfectly done.

2 – The principle of energy.

The principle of energy is formulated by yogis as follows: “Just as a ball in a funnel always rolls up into the neck, if it is thrown into it, like when we approximately do an exercise in yoga, we excite energy, and energy acts on the body in this way,

Types Of Yoga

Mantra yoga – By repeating sounds, onomatopoeic words, mystical phrases, the usual flow of thoughts changes – this method is used in hypnosis.

Mantra yoga

Laya-yoga – It is also based on sound, but this sound is inner, unpronounceable. Both of these disciplines make it possible to discover all the opportunities that are contained in spiritual concentration, and to master them.


Shiva Yoga – Gives exercises to the concentration of the religious direction. This is helped by visible and imaginary elements. related to the god Shiva and his attributes.

Shiva Yoga

Joana Yoga This is a finer search. aimed at combining thoughts. The Yogi strives to penetrate the object of his reflections and merge with it.

Joana Yoga

Bhakti Yoga – Allows you to achieve spiritual concentration by worshiping God, loving him, piety. This is not alien to Christianity. Bhakti-yogi strives to fully fulfill his every action, to merge all his possibilities in every gesture, to bring his behavior in accordance with his beliefs.

Bhakti Yoga

Karma Yoga – It attracts mostly people with an active temperament, it is close to us. This is the action of yoga. And, finally, all these disciplines are crowned by raja yoga, destined for the greatest, buddhas who walk the road. She leads through all the other yogis to accomplishments.

Karma Yoga

Hatha Yoga – Stands apart from other disciplines, but almost always serves as their base. For proper coordination of thoughts, their fixation at one particular point, for the treatment of absent-mindedness, which prevents reflection, hatha yoga offers physical means-certain positions of the body or asanas.

Hatha Yoga

Asana is a fixed posture, thanks to which complete detachment from one’s body is achieved; detachment, which underlies the spiritual stability. It is hatha yoga with its asanas that has gained such wide popularity in the modern world. From the whole set of disciplines, we choose the one that really corresponds to our real needs.

However, do not forget about its original purpose. Hatha yoga is, above all, the search for balance within a person, and then the balance between a person and the environment.

We people of the 21st century, who own an innumerable spiritual heritage, are familiar with the new doctrine of inner self-perfection, embodied in poses. Respect for this doctrine and its correct application can significantly increase the effect of its effect on our personality and on our body.


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