Kamasutra’s Best Sex Positions Around The World

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Relationship Desk, Delhi Magazine: The Kamasutra is mostly associated with a great sex tutorial with lots of pictures. In addition, it is quite promiscuous, with extreme and detailed sexual positions and techniques that allow you to reach orgasm in a variety of ways. However, this is a misconception – although the Kamasutra does speak of carnal love, only 20 percent of its volume is occupied by descriptions of various items. These are very detailed descriptions, containing hints, for example, how a woman lies on a man or sits on his thighs in order to achieve sexual satisfaction. Despite this, the kamasutra is first and foremost a philosophical treatise on the essence of love.

Kamasutra – how many positions does it have?

The Kamasutra is called the love manual. It is not meant to test your sexual performance, but to add a pinch of spice to the sexual sphere. The art of love has its own rules and techniques, thanks to which the Kama Sutra teaches love. Depending on the issue, it may have more or less sexual positions that are to be a hint for partners on how to increase their attractiveness and improve their intimate life . Descriptions of sexual positions are very accurate and clear, they are one of the most comprehensive collections of sexual positions. Some love poses are very complicated and require a number of bodily skills to perform.

Most guides distinguish about 100 sexual positions. These are sideways, classic, standing and sitting positions. They can make the intercourse of partners more attractive, but it is worth realizing that they should only be a hint about sexual life, not an oracle.

Kamasutra – Best Sex positions for beginners and advanced

We find all kinds of sexual positions in the kamasutra. Some of them require great acrobatic skills and a flexible body. Not all of them are possible for ordinary people – it depends on our range of motion, body elasticity or muscle flexibility. However, the question that should be asked is whether the performance of a highly complex kamasutra sexual position proves the quality of the sexual act? Sex and eroticism is not about performing complicated sexual acts, but about the sexual act itself being passionate, stimulating the senses and bringing satisfaction.kila sex position

In Kamasutra, Sex Asanas (sex positions) are known as Karana (doing). Kamasutra divided sex position into 5 types: supine (uttāna), on the side (tiryak), sitting (āsitaka), standing (sthita) and bent over (ānata).

If both sides of a relationship want to spice it up, they can turn to the kamasutra. There they will find inspiration and hints about new sexual positions that can stimulate their relationship. These positions require eye contact to stimulate desire and raise the temperature of the relationship. In such a situation, it is best to look for hints in positions for beginners, because the very complicated ones can be difficult.

It should also not be forgotten that both sides of the relationship should be convinced of reaching for the kamasutra. Neither of them should be forced to persuade the other to new sensations. Sex in a partner relationship should bring a sense of security and comfort to both parties. If one of the parties wishes to go beyond the boundaries previously agreed by both parties, a problem may arise that is worth working on together. Both parties have the right to enjoy the sexual act, but it should always bring comfort and safety to both partners.

Kamasutra – What Can You Learn From It?

One can read a lot in the kamasutra about what love and sexuality is. There are no definitions or ready-made solutions to what a good relationship should look like. We can, however, find inspiration to enrich our sex life and to bring new emotions into it.

Kamasutra – sexual techniques

In the kamasutra we will find hints on various sexual techniques. There is information about side, classic, standing, sitting and oral positions that should be used not only by a man, but also by a woman. The book tells you about the different types of movements and techniques that can be used during a sexual act.

In book 2, we find 64 sexual techniques. We will also read about the types of hugs and kisses, shouts and sexual positions, and even information on how to start and end a sexual act. The Kamasutra also brings a lot of practical information that we should look at today with a pinch of salt. They inform, inter alia, about how to seduce a woman, how to recognize that men are bored with their mistress and how to make a man fall in love with himself, and how to … throw a lover. As you can see, the woman is placed on an equal footing with the man, and her pleasure in the sexual act is just as important.

Sex pose

Descriptions of individual techniques are very detailed. The book shows how the partner brings the partner into the body, teaches new sexual positions, such in which the woman sits on the partner, the man lies on the woman, the woman lies on the men, the couple makes love on the edge of the bed. It also includes advice on fidelity, intimacy and unity in an intimate relationship between two people. The Kamasutra is made up of a wealth of information about sex, eroticism, and intimacy, making up a Hindu treatise on love. Partners can look for inspiration in this Kamasutra book, but they should not adjust their sex life to the book.

Best Sex Positions to get more pleasure

Below we present a photo gallery with the most popular Kama Sutra items. As you can see, not all of them require acrobatic skills.

River Pose (Uttana Samputa Sex pose):

Woman on top - River Position - Kamasutra best Sex positions

This is one of the woman on top position of sexual intercourse, In Kamasutra it is known as female Uttana Samputa pose. In this pose the female partner lays on the her male partner, like in above pic.

Face to face or Sammukha Pose

Similar to the classic wall position, but without the need to use any surface. This position is one of the most intimate since it consists of having coordination and rapport so that, by slightly bending the knees, penetration can be achieved while standing and looking directly at each other’s face.

Face to faceb sex pose


The Cross Chair Sitting Position:

Cross -chair-straddle-sex-position

This is one of the varieties of the “rider” position. The man sits down on the chair and the woman straddles the man, facing him, and begins to move. In this position, it is the woman who has full control over the sexual act.

The Cow Girl Sex Pose (Paravrittaka):



Kamasutra’s Paravrittaka pose is another alternative to the rider position. The woman straddles the lying man on his back and leans back, resting her hands behind her. In this way, the partner can easily caress her clitoris.

Both Standing or Column Pose:

Both Standing Positions

The woman stands in front, the man behind her. During intercourse, the partner can put his arms around her partner to help keep her balance or lean against a wall in front of her, for example.


The Mermaid Pose:

The male partner standing behind the female partner and hold her  her hands under her buttocks. The man lifts her legs up and keeps them in this position all the time during intercourse. is a good position to stimulate the G-spot.


Plowing Position

Woman partner lying on her side. Man on his knees, he mounts one of the woman’s legs and keeps the other stretched across her shoulder. Then he introduces the penis into the vaginal canal, where through several rhythmic strokes he manages to fully explore it.



Penetration is deep and clitoral arousal is intense through contact with the testicles and the base of the penis.

Lift One Leg – Standing Pose( Tripadam):

This pose in kamasutras known as Tripadam (3 legs) position. Both male partner and female partner in this pose have only 3 legs on the surface ( 2 legs of male and one leg of female), while one leg of the female partner you can see in the pic, it is in upper side. Whether or not you are of similar height to your partner (in the latter case, stay on top), get a big mirror and enjoy the moment whilelift-one-leg-Standing-sex-position

Ballet Pose

Ballet pose is also same as one leg standing pose but in this pose you don’t need a mirror. During thiss you can enjoy gazing at each other.

Laying Behind and Cuddling

lay down behind sex pose

Both of you lie on your side, facing the same direction. You bring your knees up slightly as your partner slides behind your pelvis and enters you. Whether penetrated from behind or not, the work is done by your partner, which you handle and position as you wish. Your partner simply gives you the pampering you deserve from behind.

Butter Fly Pose

The butterfly position is for the adventurous. This posture needs strength and a touch of madness! Get out of bed, and innovate with the butterfly position!

butterfly sex position- legs in air

The main advantage of this position is that it is very deep, so it provides a lot of physical pleasure for both of you. The entire penis will be stimulated, as well as the entire vagina, including the G-Spot and the U-Spot. If she also contracts the vaginal muscles following the Pompoir technique , the pleasure will multiply a thousandfold. The same will happen if you choose, instead of rhythmic penetration movements, to leave the penis inside and move your pelvis so that it vibrates against her vaginal walls.


Relaxed Doggy Style

Lean on a pillow, lift your ass and let your partner take control of penetration.



Lotus Flower Position

The person of the couple who is going to penetrate sits cross-legged, while the other sits astride him, allowing eye contact at all times, which will let you see how you get excited little by little until you reach climax.



Lift in Lap Position or Janukurpara Sexual Pose

The person of the penetrating couple is standing holding the other, who wraps her legs around his waist while the one standing holds her back or buttocks. This position implies trust and balance, but it is also important to have strong arms and a good physical condition. This pose in kamasutra known as Janukurpara sexual position.


It is the most classic and well-known sexual position of all, but it does not have to be boring or unexciting for that, and if it continues to enjoy popularity after so many years, it must be for a reason. In this position, one person in the couple lies down and opens their legs, while the person on top stimulates and penetrates, leading the movement. Whoever is on the bottom can stand with their legs apart and their feet supported, or wrap their legs around her partner to make the contact even more intimate and close.

Doggy Style Sex Position

One of the favorite positions for men, according to all the polls.

Doggy style or back shot sex position

The doggy style is a great classic, and the good news is that nature is well done: it can also provide a lot of pleasure to women and is one of the positions that can easily lead to orgasm…



Dhenuka Style

It is also same as Dogy style pose but its slightly different from hipps. If it is well carried out. Indeed, the man should ideally manage so that his penis comes to rub against the G-spot.



Doggy style is a perfect position to get deep penetration. Women who are adept at vaginal stimulation and penetration will take maximum advantage of the intensity that this position allows, and the direct stimulation of the G-spot.

The Sphinx

This position is very similar to doggy style , which we all know, except that your partner must lie on their stomach. The downside to doggy style is that deep penetration with rear entry can encourage premature ejaculation. Here you can indulge in this delicious position by limiting the risk of premature ejaculation.

The Sphinx-sex-position

Missionary Pose

For this position, lie on your back while your partner lies on top of you and performs penetration from the front. A true classic, the missionary position is a great sex position. It’s simple, and surprisingly versatile, you can make minor changes , like changing the angle of your legs, to vary postures.


Variant Pose (legs up)






Lazy Girl Position:

In this position, the female partner lies down comfortably facing down.The male partner is on top of them, kneeling just near the hips of the female partner.

Lazy lady or girl comfort sex pose

It is worth reaching for this book not only when we want to add spice to a relationship and try something new in sex, but also when we are interested in the Indian way of perceiving love. Just looking at the table of contents can help us understand what this treatise is. It is very detailed and contains many valuable tips and advice for the reader. If you want to know how love was perceived in India, read this book.

Leo Pose:

In this position, the female partner lies on their belly, putting her hands ahead of them and bending her elbows. She also bends her legs, so that their torso is slightly elevated. Then the male penetrates from behind while crouched over the female’s booty.




Pole Sex Position:

Compared to other positions, the Pole sex position is very easy to do. It a woman on top Sex position, that’s why female partner have the full control in this pose. It gives great pleasure to the G-spot area.

Pole-Position- woman on top

What does Kamasutra mean?

The Kamasutra is a philosophical text from India by the Hindu philosopher Maharishi Vatsyayana, which dates back to the 2nd century BC. It was written in India on the essence of love, fidelity and sexual behavior, but was considered a topic of sexual culture. Interestingly, it is still popular in some parts of India, and the treatise on love is considered to be the most important book on sex. This book is even used for sex education in schools! And tips for teaching what love is and what a sexual act can look like.

In Western culture, the word kamasutra is used to describe fancy sexual positions, and the book itself has become a symbol of variety in sexual life, an element that brings a pinch of spice and desire to the relationship. The original book contains many descriptions and descriptions about love. The Kamasutra provides detailed guidance on the essence of love, types of partnerships, and also sexual techniques. Sexual positions themselves are not the main part of the book. The Kamasutra, or treatise on love, relates not only to sex, but to the essence of love in general.

Kamasutra: what is it and how old is it?

The Kamasutra was founded about 1,800 years ago. Its author is Maharish Vatsyayana, who wrote about how to experience god, or rather deities, through love – he professed Hinduism, and even served as a brahmana – priest in it. He believed that since bodily pleasure gives joy, it is as pleasing to deities as a busy and religiously inspired life.

In Hinduism, “sutra” means a kind of aphorism, wisdom concisely presented, and Kama is the name of one of the goddesses, meaning pleasure. But pleasure in understanding Vatsyayana is a kind of art that must be mastered. Before a musician performs at a concert pleasant to the audience’s ear, he has to train his skills for a long time. It is the same with love and sex.

Interestingly, the first editions of the book did not contain illustrations, and the descriptions of love were only verbal. Only with time, illustrations showing sexual positions and sexual techniques appeared in the text.

Kamasutra: what do you need to know about it?

You are probably familiar with the term ” tantric sex “, and in Sanskrit, “tantra” means sanctified sexuality, and it is this philosophy on which the Kamasutra was founded. The book emphasizes that this sexuality can be sanctified by following two paths. The first is Vama Marga, also known as the left hand path, which is what most people associate Kamasutra with – practicing various sexual positions . The second path is Dakshina Marga, or the path of the right hand, associated with emotions, energy, what is not physical during sex. She emphasizes that the bond between lovers is the basis of a successful rapprochement. It teaches that eye contact during intercourse or breathing with your partner in the same rhythm are as important as the actual rapprochement.

Interestingly, the book also includes separate information on sexual relations with strangers. Today, we will read with some humor advice about other people’s wives, prostitution or forbidden intimacy, which we should not feel with an unlike partner. The book also includes a detailed description of experiences that may arouse particular techniques of sexual acts.

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Kamasutra: what does it say about sex?

The Kamasutra is a very feminist text for the time it was written. It points out that a man should put his partner’s satisfaction first and hold off on his own orgasm until she starts to climax. The woman, therefore, is important in the book, and her pleasure is put first. Watsjajana also emphasized that sex is not just for procreating children. This does not mean, however, that in Kama Sutra we will not find an illustration of a man surrounded by a whole harem of women.

The author of the Kamasutra divided men into three categories: with genitals of large, medium and small size. Male genitals correspond to female genitals, which also have their own size, so they are able to “accept” either large, small or medium-sized genitals. According to Watsjayana, successful sex between a man with large genitals and a woman who can only accept their small counterparts will not be successful. Only when there is a resemblance in size will the approximation be successful.

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Moreover, according to Watsjajana, partners should be matched in terms of sexual temperaments . If this is not the case, the tension felt during sex will dominate the pleasure derived from it.

It is also worth adding that practicing the Kama Sutra on a daily basis may not be an easy task in a hurry. These are positions and techniques for special occasions when partners can focus on themselves, not when they have just five minutes before going to work.


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