Best Horror Movies List for 2018

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Spectrum TV bundles are easy on the budget for anyone to buy and enjoy quality internet, phone, and cable TV services. Horror movies remain one of the most watched and liked movie genre. Here are some of the best cable TV horror movies released in 2018.

Majority of the individuals rely on the cable TV services to get a break from their stressful and tough routine. Charter Spectrum TV remains one of the best cable TV providers even after the market has been flooded with new cable TV companies. The packages provided by the company are easy on the budget to afford and good in the quality.

One can watch different series, shows, cartoons, documentaries, and movies on the cable TV. You can watch the movies already scheduled to be played or you can get movies played on-demand as well. There are more than a couple of movie genres and the producers keep on experimenting to bring some unique movies in the market.

However, the horror movies manage to stay on the list of the most watched movies on the watch-list of viewers. If you are crazy for the horror movies, then here are some cable TV horror movies you must watch in this year.

 The Exorcist

The Exorcist Movie

This movie goes back to 1973 but the story, acting, and effects of the movie are still counted as one of the most horror ones. The movie revolves around a girl who is possessed by the evil spirits. Many individuals suffer just because of one girl and the priests try to get her free.

Well, the rest of the story is secret and you can watch that yourself.

Lights Out

Lights Out

This movie was released in 2016 with 6.3 iMDB rating. It was appreciated by all of the individuals who love horror movies. The whole movie revolves around the story of a ghost who comes out in the dark to hunt individuals. The movie is on the playlist of HBO if you want to see it this weekend.


Veronica Movie

Netflix released this movie in 2018. Soon after the release of the movie, the movie was appreciated on all social media platforms and individuals were seen recommending it to other fans of the horror movies. The storyline of the movie is related to a girl who gets possessed by the evil spirits after using the Ouija board with her friends.

Ouija- Origin of Evil

Ouija- Origin of Evil was released in 2014. The fame of the movie took the market in its grip within a few days. The movie is about a family who uses Ouija board to fool around with customers but the things get messed up with a little girl decides to use the board alone. To enjoy the movie to its fullest, watch it with no lights on.

Insidious- The Last Key

The movie was released at the beginning of 2018 and it got appreciation from the viewers. It is the last one of its sequel. The story is based on the fears of Elise that she finally faces in the home she was brought up. The camera effects and the settings of the movie add up in the fear and fun of the movie. To watch it today, sign up for one of the Spectrum TV Bundles deals.


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