How to Start a Health Blog ?

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These days starting a blog has become has become easy and simple. As you can start with any niche. But the only thing you need to do is maintain the same for successful blogging.

Hey, are you a blogger? Or, I can say health blogger, right? If you are one of those who wants to start a health blog or existing owner of health blog then you are on right destination. As I am going to guide you how to start a health blog and which web hosting provider you should consider to host your health blog.

Step 1: Choose and register a domain name

Foremost step is to select a domain name for your blog. However, buying a domain name is a highly personal process. There are few tips that you can follow while buying a domain that is mentioned below:

  • Opt for shorter names: Shorter names are easier to recall for search engine and users as well. The long domain name you choose, the user and search engine will take more time to find it and tough to remember. Example: healthtips, healthsolution, healthcase, healthzone, etc.

  • Select .com extension: You will get several alternatives in extensions so, select any extension as per your need. It is suggested to select .com extension because it is commonly used and you will get it easily.

  • Select a domain name similar to your blog’s content: Generally, when you select a domain name it is suggested to select a similar domain name that will represent your blog content. Avoid using the name that is opposite to your blog content, because it will affect your SEO performance. Example: “Health Tips” is a clearer and useful name than “John’s Health Blog”.

You probably have a lot of good name ideas and listing down them would be beneficial. Once you are done with the listing then check the extension and domain availability with the hosting provider. You can opt for other famous extensions, but I will suggest .com extension as the sites with this extension rank easily in the search engine. In other cases, you can opt for the country extension, if you are planning to target that specific country only.

Step 2: Select a reliable hosting provider

In this process of how to start a travel blog, many bloggers get confused between the hosting providers and often end in selecting a bad hosting provider. However, this affects their blogging journey in the future. But you will not face such a situation, because I will help you to get a reliable hosting provider that is MilesWeb Cheap Web Hosting India provider on which you can trust in terms of hosting.

My Recommendation: MilesWeb

MilesWeb is an Indian hosting provider that aims to provide reliable and affordable hosting service to all types of business. Similarly, they will help you to establish your health blog instantly with proper guidance as they want all businesses to get online easily with the help of web hosting service. That is why, they have started this venture to support all small, medium and large business

You get 24*7*365 days assistance from their support team through chat, email and phone. In terms of uptime, they provide 99.95% and their data centers are located in India, USA and UK. You get 30 days money back guarantee feature. Their hosting plans are starting from Rs. 99/mo only. You get a bundle of services with them right from domain to all kinds of hosting services.

Step 3: Choose a blogging platform

You will get multiple options online for creating and managing the website or blog, even though you are a newbie in web development. This kind of platform is known as a Content Management System (CMS), plus you get plenty of free software to select from.

For example, WordPress is a flexible CMS that allows you to publish a new content, style your website using templates and plugins. With WordPress or any other CMS, you can design your health blog easily. It offers more customization options in comparison to other CMS.

Drupal is yet another alternative that is used after WordPress. With Drupal, you can design any type of website or blog. It makes easy for the user to design the website as per the requirement. It also supports themes and extensions.

Joomla is a flexible CMS that allows you to publish the new content, style your website using templates and add-ons.

Select any platform which you feel suitable for your website and set up your health blog accordingly.

Step 4: Find the Theme

All above mentioned CMS’s contain free and paid plugins and themes. As a WordPress user and lover, I will highlight the few free themes for the health blog.

1) MedicalPress:

MedicalPress is a great theme for medical and health-related web pages. It consists of an expensive collection of theme options, each implemented in order to smooth site customization. Moreover, you will get mobile versions of MedicalPress that too with the WooCommerce plugin. You can design your online store using this theme also. You can edit the colour and background. It also supports child theme along with the demo. List of the feature is never ending and you can give a try to MedicalPress to experience a great look.

2) Medical Cure:

Medical Cure is a health and medical WordPress theme that serves multiple purposes. It supports more than 50 homepages and templates with one – click demo import install. Developed with a MegaMenu and a potential admin panel. You also get MailChimp to keep your users up-to-date with the solution or tip. Medical Cure is simplified in all ways, from cPanel to shortcodes, etc.

3) Magplus:

MagPlus is a multi-niche WordPress theme that offers multiple functionalities. It provides features like multiple footers, sidebars, headers and sliders included in the plan. Moreover, you get WPML feature and WooCommerce. You can also set up a portfolio website and take care of the blog about self – care. It’s time to get creative with Magplus.

Final Verdict:

Running a successful health blog and getting subscribers for solutions and suggestion is appreciating. However, there’s so much of work to be done behind the scenes, when you plan to start a blog and hard time comes, when you actually start working on the blog. Be creative and productive.


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