Top Yoga Benefits for Women

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Are you a superconscious fitness person? Do you want to test your body limits? Do you want try beyond your potential? Do you want to expand your strength and flexibility? We recommend, you practice Yoga.

Yoga for many exclusive fitness and health benefits, measures on all scales, as the best workout method for women, especially for those who are fanatic about their fitness and health.

Benefits of Yoga

  • It is more than an exercise.
  • It targets alignment of your energy.
  • It motivates your body to use its own strength and energy to become and stay fit and agile.
  • It gives you motivation and justification to exercise and become super fit.
  • It disciplines your body
  • It releases tension in your body muscles, tones them down and relaxes them.
  • It tests your strength. It challenges you into do-it-more. It expands your potential.
  • It is a simple exercise. It does not require a fitness equipment.
  • It is an exercise, do-able and fit in all weathers and temperatures.
  • It is for people of all age groups.
  • It is for people of all genders, but more popular among women.

Here is why we consider and recommend Yoga as the best workout method for  women who want to work on their bodies to the last detail and muscle to become super fit.

best Yoga asanas for immunity

1)  Easily do-able

It is an easily-do-able exercise. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to learn and understand Yoga moves. You do not need an instructor or consultant to teach you Yoga and get you doing.

You can read about, learn about it and can do any to all Yoga exercises on your own. Yoga allows you to be your own teacher and guru. It keeps you incomplete control of yourself.

2)  Yoga for all

Yoga is an exercise, do-able by people of all ages. Young and aspiring fitness conscious women love Yoga as much as do older ones.

Women at 70 and beyond are finding Yoga a source of their fitness and happiness. Yoga has become a worship that their bodies worship every day, punctually and regularly.

3)  Yoga as medicine

Yoga has proven as effective method for sick, tired and torn people. Women suffering from diabetes and other diseases have found refuge in Yoga. It is improving quality of their lives.

It is one of the best workout methods for women with mental health challenges. It has helped them make peace with themselves. It has strengthened their resolves and gave a remarkable boost to their energies.

Yoga is a rare exercise that is particularly effective in relieving stress. The stress is a major source of concern for women. It is hurting their chances of being fit and healthy. Yoga has become their hope and faith to get rid of stress.

4)  Yoga as healer

Yoga is as much an exercise as much a philosophy. It is a spiritual healer. It targets your inner energy and strength. It channelizes your energy to gain more energy and strength. It expands your potential.

From Yoga moves you understand yourself better. You understand your body in its each detail. You know requirements of your body from closer.Ardhamatsyendrasana posture

Yoga actions test depth of your mental strength, body muscles and flexibility. Its moves are constantly evolving. You explore, test and challenge your potential as you get along with your exercise. There is no limit to testing and challenging of your body strength. It keeps you trying. It keeps you growing.

When you stretch your body parts and keep them in a posture for a longer period of time, they relax. All tension and rigidity in them releases. Your body tones down. It relaxes and calms.

5)  Yoga as philosophy

You are nothing but a mind, body and soul. All three exploit their strength and weakness exclusively. Also, all three support one and another’s strength. Yoga targets all three exclusively and in alignment to each other.

It is a philosophy that your mental strength is pillar on which your body fitness builds and grows. You, when emotionally disturbed, hardly find any motivation and justification to exercise. When mentally strong, you can go at any length and limit in exercise and fitness.

Also, when are not at peace with your soul, you have no energy left in you for a workout. It kills you within.

Yoga makes you believe in you. It turns you to your inner-self. It helps you understand and meet requirements of your inner-self. It is a food for your thought, a pure thought. It washes you of yourself. It brings your new-self, a stronger-self, out in open and expressive.

6)  Yoga as hope

It is for certain that a majority of persons who turned to Yoga did so after having tried out many other methods for fitness. Whether they failed or succeeded is an irrelevant question here. What relevant is that they have found a refuge and hope in Yoga.

Sick and tired people when turned to Yoga have found a hope to their fitness and health. They found meanings to their lives. A little to rigorous Yoga workout has helped them regain their lost-self. They regained their motivation, energy and strength.

Yoga has become a journey for them. A journey to their fitness and health. They are doing Yoga regularly. They are growing from strong to stronger in their fitness. The depth and level of their fitness they have achieved through Yoga has surprised them and many.

They once were sick and tired of their lives. They were miserable. They used to look more miserable. Now they are fit and smart. They walk taller and proud. They have bodies, shapes and fitness that they can show off and impress onlookers.

how to stay fit

7)  Yoga for all conditions

Yoga is one of rare fitness methods that are suitable in all weather conditions. In all temperatures. You can do Yoga outside in park. You can exercise Yoga at home. You can practice Yoga anywhere in your home.

You do not have to take a concern of harsh weather. Extreme winter, hot summer, raining, snowfall or storms; you can carry on Yoga exercises without being affected what happens outside. You just need a mat to practice your Yoga moves. You can do it even on a floor. You can try them on natural grassy surface.

Any unexpected and frequent fluctuation in temperature do not affect Yoga exercise. You can either change your location and setting to find more comfortable environment or can control inside house temperature to make it more comfortable for exercise.

If you do not feel for exercising inside your home, because of congestion or less free setting, you can do it in park. In park, you get natural, green and fresh environment. Air is clean and fresh. You have many people around you busy in their activities. It gives a sense of company and motivation.

8)  Yoga for any demography

Yoga is not recommended to any particular demography.It suites to all. Women in rural settings find Yoga as helpful in their training and fitness as those who live in cities.

As reflected from sound of the word itself, Yoga traces are centuries old. It was a practice, practiced by Yogis – people on- the-move like Roma. It was a way of life to Yogis. It was their religion. It representedtheir folk lifestyle and culture.

In modern day and time, Yoga has taken strong roots in urban lifestyle. It is the fastest adopted fitness method in cities and metropolis. People, who are sick and tired of stress-driven urban lifestyle, are benefiting from Yoga more than their rural counterparts.

Yoga in many cases is marketed as the latest fashion statement and trend. From supermodels, sportspersons and ordinary health and fitness conscious  as well  pregnant women are doing Yoga. They speak high of Yoga’s potential and depth for exercise and fitness.

9)  Yoga for all settings

You do not require any fitness equipment for Yoga. You can do it anywhere, and everywhere. You can do it at more than one place. You can change your location and setting every day.

If you are an introvert, and love to stay home, you can practice Yoga in your own exclusive time and setting anywhere in your house. In your living room or in your lawn.Where you need and find more privacy and exclusivity, you can practice Yoga.

If you are people’s person, and love to work out in a group, you can join a Yoga group. People have formed volunteer Yoga groups. They practice Yoga in parks, at their homes or any remote location where they find a natural and fresh airy setting.

You can also join a gym or Yoga saloon or club. People have found organizations and clubs to offer membership to Yoga lovers. In an organized setting, you can have an instructor, teacher or guru. S/he can teach you Yoga and advice you to get most of your Yoga moves.

Useful tips:

  1. Start with small and grow into intense Yoga practices
  2. Do Yoga regularly to get maximum results.
  3. Practice Yoga in an environment where you find yourself comfortable and relaxed.
  4. Practice on your own, and if do not like it, do it in a group.
  5. Drink a lot of water.
  6. Allow your body rest properly.
  7. Sleep well and sleep sound.
  8. Eat healthy and smart.
  9. Always believe in and do more for your wellbeing.
  10. Say no to abuse and violence, domestic or workplace.
  11. Be mentally strong.
  12. Walk taller.
  13. Do not look miserable even when in difficult times.
  14. Smile and share smiles.
  15. Learn and tend to express yourself.
  16. Show off yourself and what you have achieved
  17. Don’t become complacent to praise, take criticism positively.


Author Bio:

Sophie is a Yoga philosophy teacher and fitness instructor. She organizes Yoga workshops for women who are seeking better ways and methods for their fitness and health. Sophie currently is associated with Xn8 Sports who specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling Boxing, MMA & Fitness gear and accessories.


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