Nighttime Tips for Improving Your Oral Health

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Your smile is one of the first things that people see in you. Naturally, you have to take good care of your pearly whites. As a lot can happen in eight hours, one has to take proper precautions to protect their teeth even at nights.

This is especially true when someone is sleeping as bacteria gather upon the teeth at this time. But you should not let the cavities, tartar, plaque or gingivitis create hindrance for you in grabbing a good night’s sleep. Each and every day, our mouth is exposed to thousands of bacteria, not only because of what we eat but also from the air that we breathe. These bacteria if kept uncleaned can build up in the gums, teeth and the tongue which can give rise to all sorts of oral ailments.

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It is for this reason that cleaning the teeth is essential especially before retiring to the bed. Here are some of the nighttime tricks for improving your oral health. Just read on.

  • Be Regular  – Brush your teeth Regularly every night. There is no place to miss it one day or two days in week. And it’s not a one time process.

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  • Follow a Technique When You Brush – At the time of brushing, you should devise a routine that can be followed every morning and night. You should allot a couple of minutes for brushing the teeth so that you can thoroughly clean the left, right and center of the mouth as well as the tongue so that you don’t miss any part of the mouth.
  • Avoid Viscous Sweets in Night: We should avoid to take viscous dessert in night after dinner such as treacle, peanut gazzak . It gets stuck in to the middle of the teeth and brushes can’t clean it easily. And It keeps vitiating the teeth. dangerous item for oral health in night
  • Go for a Healthy Bedtime Snack – Are you one of those who needs to go for a treat before bedtime? If you need to eat something, it is advisable that you go for eating something healthy. The foods like celery, apples, carrots or calcium-rich nuts can enhance the healthy production of saliva. They, actually, act like mini toothbrushes. But don’t forget to brush the teeth after snaking.
  • Brush before the Bed – Brushing your teeth just before going to bed at night helps protect against the buildup of tooth decay, plaque as well as gum disease. If you are susceptible to decay and cavities, then dentists recommend that you brush after having your dinner and also just before retiring to your bed.

    brushing teeth before going to bed
  • Avoid Hard Bristles – Just like you need to learn a better way to brush, some toothbrushes are also better than others. The best types of toothbrushes are electric as they are able to brush away more plaque and debris from the teeth. But if you like the non-electric and regular toothbrushes be sure to choose the one doesn’t come with hard bristles. Hard bristles can cause damages to the teeth. That is why, try to opt for the soft ones.

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  • Don’t Miss Flossing – Flossing removes the food particles and plaque buildup at the time it is still soft. Bacteria will enhance throughout the night if the debris stay on the teeth as they feed off them while you are sleeping. Added to that, if the plaque is left to harden it will turn to tartar and then tartar can only be removed by the dentist or the hygienist during a professional cleaning. Flossing at night is beneficial for maximum people. But there is an exception. If you are susceptible to to tartar buildup or gum disease, dentists recommend that you floss twice a day for comprehensive cleanup of your mouth.

    Don’t Miss Flossing in night
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  • Using Mouthwash is Essential – Do you think that mouthwashes were simply for fresh breath? That is not entirely true. There are certain mouthwashes that can strengthen the teeth and can also prevent the gum disease and the plaque. Of course, there are many different types of therapeutic mouthwashes and you can choose according to your requirement. You can either ask for suggestion from your dentist regarding this or can purchase over the counter.

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  • Beware of Teeth Grinding – Teeth grinding or Bruxism is one of the most common problems that many people face. You may also grind your teeth at night. Irrespective of whether it stems from the anxiety, stress or anything else you must take optimum measures to either stop or prevent the mouth from getting hurt. Your dentist will be able to recommend the right thing to do for you. Grinding the teeth not only causes bad headaches, but it can also wear away your teeth enamel for you. If it worsens, you may also have to go for tooth restoration procedures. Not only can grinding the teeth cause bad headaches, it can also wear down the tooth enamel over time. That is why you should schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Delhi who will be able to suggest you the best treatment for your condition.

The above are some of the nighttime tips that you can follow in order to improve the oral health to a great extent. These will help to reduce the attack of plaque and cavity formation at night so that you can flaunt your smile with confidence for many more years to come. We suggest you to read : Types Of Pain In Your Teeth And How Can You Identify Them?


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