Vitamins and Supplements for Call Center Agents

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It’s not always easy to work in a call center here in the Philippines, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. The work of most call center agents usually involves inbound customer support or telemarketing. This means working in front of the computer for a long period of time and more often than not, getting assigned during the night shift.

As if working all day isn’t tiring enough, night-shift workers like call center agents can experience higher health risks. Typically, call center agents often suffer from common illnesses such as high blood pressure, ulcer, anemia, migraine, or obesity. In order to prevent contracting illnesses and reduce the chances of getting sick, consider taking some of these vitamins and supplements for call center agents so you can stay alert and healthy and work with a sound mind.

Vitamin C

According to an article published in 2005 called the “Journal of Circadian Rhythms,” people who do their work during the night-shift have a higher chance of experiencing medical problems. In this article, a research study was also conducted which found men who worked a rotating shift schedule, including the night shift, were found to have more evidence of oxidative stress in their blood.

Oxidative stress is often associated with certain types of cancer and cellular damage. To combat this, Vitamin C is needed because it is a powerful antioxidant which can neutralize the free radicals that are produced by oxidative stress that can cause the damage.


Vitamin D

When you consume Vitamin-D-rich food like milk or when you are exposed to sunlight, your body produces Vitamin D. This vitamin is important because it plays a crucial role in the absorption of calcium in the body.

Night-shift workers are often associated with a higher risk of thinning bones because they only receive inadequate amounts of Vitamin D. A study found that female workers who engaged in night shift work for more than 20 years often had a higher incidence of hip and wrist fractures. The research also suggests that these results may be the result of impeded calcium absorption due to a lack of Vitamin D stores.



Your body uses a hormone called Melatonin to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Research explains that in response to darkness, your body naturally produces more of this sleep-inducing hormone.

If you work in a call center during the night shift, however, your sleep-wake cycle can be disrupted, which can lead to fatigue when working and even insomnia. There are studies that have shown support of the use of melatonin for call center agents in order for them to stay asleep longer, have more energy when they are awake, and fall asleep faster.

Key Takeaway

People that work the night-shift in a Philippine call centers and other countries are at risk of nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal problems, impaired organ functions, and sleep disorders.

In order to better facilitate sleep, reduce your risk of developing illnesses, and address any nutritional deficiencies associated with working the night-shift, take the proper vitamins and supplements. As always, consult your doctor first before you use any of these vitamins and supplements.


2 thoughts on “Vitamins and Supplements for Call Center Agents”

  1. I work as a call center agent and it is really hard to keep up with the weird schedule that we have in call centers. You need to make sure that you have proper vitamins or else your body won’t be able to keep up and might lead to illnesses.

  2. Thank you for reading Jamie. I salute you call center agents because you have to work while every one else is sleeping. I hope you take the vitamins like what I wrote and you continue to be healthy physically.


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