Top 21 Best Exercise to Do

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Exercise can be defined as the process of involving in a physical activity for improving health. Exercise has been a vital part of human development since decades. Each and every individual shall make exercise as a part of their life irrespective of their goals, be it loosing weight, gaining mass, maintaining or improving health. Make sure you are having a well-balanced diet and sound sleep along with exercise. As exercise alone cannot help one achieve a good help.

Here are 20 of the important exercises :

We can divided all body workout in following categories:

  1. Exercises for beginners
  2. Best Gym Exercises for Shoulders


Best Exercises for Beginners:


push up exercises1. Push-ups: Mainly used to build the strength of upper body. This is one of the fastest ways to build strength, but it’s very important to do this in a proper way. If this workout is not done in the right way, it may lead to pain in the lower back and shoulders. Also, this is not so easy for the beginners since, the complete body weight has to be lifted with the help of the hand, the wrist might get injured. It’s better to consult a therapist in any such case. While performing this, the body should be straight, and the butt shouldn’t be lifted; the hands should be firm on the floor or mat which will protect the wrist; and most importantly, the body should form a straight line.


       pull ups exercise2 . Pull-ups: This is one of the very efficient exercises, since it involves working of many muscles in the body at the same time. The movement occurs in multiple joints like elbows, wrists and shoulders. This exercise is not easy as the complete body weight should be lifted vertically. But there are many benefits of pull-ups and these are the following:

  • The body posture will look much better.
  • It helps in getting the “V” shape.
  • The waist can be reduced.
  • The core muscles are strengthened, which in turn prevents any future back pain.
  •  It helps in strengthening the grip.
  • When pull-ups are done faster, it helps in fat loss as well. We believe pull ups is the most vital exercise in an everyday practice and suggest them to anyone who exercises.


squat - Exercise no. 23. Squats: Squats is a leg exercise which promotes widening of the body muscle. This is also very helpful to create balancing, and it’s one of the best time efficient way in burning the calories, which reduces body fat. Squats should be done in a proper way, to help knee stability and strengthens connective tissue. If the posture is not correct, it may lead to knee destruction. It is helpful in toning abs and entire body ; helps in building muscle all over the body. This can be done anywhere since no equipment is required. While doing squats, the back should be neutral; feet should be apart; knees, hips and ankles should be bent down and should also come back to the position slowly. When you begin doing squats, you may feel your leg muscles getting tighter and firmer within about fourteen days.


Crunches4. Crunches: This is a core exercise which helps improvising balance strengthening of abdominal muscles. It also helps in improving posture. If it’s done properly, it can prevent back pain. It’s recommended to do this in small amount with controlled and slow pace instead of quick ones. This is mainly used to reduce belly fat and to improve abs. The benefits are only gained with the proper form. The time it takes to see a result from your crunch practices varies from individual to individual. Try not to expect quick outcomes. In case you’re committed to making crunch exercises, a steady piece of your activity routine and with solid eating routine, you will begin to get results in just half a month.


Bench Dips5. Bench Dips: This is very effective and intense in developing triceps. It can be performed anywhere possible, like using a machine in a gym or in some step at home. It also helps improving the lower back. In this exercise the body weight is lifted using the hand, thus developing triceps. This exercise is performed by lowering the body and then lifting it by giving a push using the hands. If the body weight is too high, there are pulleys which will help you in doing this. This exercise gives you more power in your arms and chest through dips. At the end of the day, your capacity to lift more weight when performing different activities, for example, seat squeezes, bear shrugs and free weight arm twists, help you develop all the other body parts more efficiently.


Lateral raises- exercise6. Lateral raises: This is one of the best exercises to build shoulders and it’s one of the simple exercise. It’s just lifting the weights to the shoulder level but, lifting laterally is not that easy. The difficulty increases as the weights also increases. Stress is felt at the arms and neck as well. To increase the strength more, after raising the weights to the shoulder level stop for a moment and then go down very slowly. Adding this pause enhances the muscle level much more.


dumbbell curls exercise7. Dumbbell curls: This exercise is for increasing the biceps and grip. People who are into body building and wants to get bulky biceps, this will help you a lot. It also strengthens the bone. The proper execution of this exercise helps in strengthening many muscles like upper arm and wrist. This can be performed in many variations: It can be done in standing position, seated position and also in an inclined position using a bench. Bringing variations also improve targeting different muscles. This is one of the exercises in targeting strengthened upper arms. This is perform by holding a dumbbell in each hand, hang the arms at each side of the body and by turning the palms towards the hips.


Hanging Leg Raises8. Hanging Leg Raises: This is one of the best exercises to develop core strength and to develop abs. Also, this is a very challenging task, because the legs should be raised and engaged with the abdominal muscles. This also improves balancing, since the body weight is carried using the hand in the bar. This can be done by hanging from a bar grip slightly with the hands, widening them more than the shoulder width. This also increases the flexibility, the movement takes place in the hip joint, thus increasing the flexibility. If the person has pain in the hips while doing this, it’s better to consult a doctor about the limitations and how can this exercise be done.


lunges exercise for fit body9. Lunges: This exercise is to develop the lower body and to increase the core strength. This is performed as, standing straight and keeping the upper body straight with shoulders relaxed and chin up. After this, keep one leg forward by lowering the hips until both the knees are bent at 90 degrees. The knee should be in the same line with the ankles, and the other knee shouldn’t be touching the floor. Now, switch the feet and repeat the same process. The benefits of this exercise include: core stability, balancing, hip flexibility, and strengthens the spinal, legs and buttocks.


Military Press exercise for healthy body10. Military Press: This is one of the best exercises to increase the power and upper body strength. This is more beneficial to the weightlifters, powerlifters, athletes and strong men competitors. It is one of the toughest exercises for the beginners as it requires more strength and stability. Also, military press is one of the most efficient way to increase the core strength. It also strengthens the back, abs and core muscles. This exercise will also help in developing jumping abilities, as it helps in increasing the arm swing power, it impacts the jumping ability for the athletes.

Bench Press for chest exercise for fitness11. Bench Press: This exercise is one of the most helpful way to build upper body. It helps in knowing what/how much the level of the upper body strength of a person is. Also, it helps in increasing the triceps very much. Helps in developing the chest muscle, which in turn makes the person look more glamourous. It also helps in developing the bone strength very much. This is very helpful for the body builders to look good and also for the competitors like strongmen and power lifters.


Battle Ropes work out for fitness12. Battle Ropes: Battle ropes offer full body quality preparing and cardio. They’re particularly extraordinary for focusing on your center and abdominal area since, those are your essential movers in battle rope preparing. Battle ropes are valuable for guys who try to create muscle, while not turning to ultra-heavy weights. As a result of ropes, it produces forces and tensions from angles that are tougher to attain with basic weight coaching thereby, confusing and surprising your muscles into creating new gains. Similarly, as with any new exercise routine or a new equipment, ensure that you’re absolutely comfortable and have a lot of training before stretching yourself as far as possible. After years of being within the shadow, battle ropes are finally coming into the market which suggests that, it’s time to incorporate them to your fitness routine.

Bridge exercise and stay fit13. Bridge: Bridge is an exercise that involves adjusting of the body on the head/shoulders and the feet. The bridge exercise is viewed as a fundamental recovery exercise to enhance core and spinal strength. It’s viewed as a safe exercise for those with back problems. If you have a back problem, this exercise can help with straightening your posture. You will need to try and do this exercise on a mat instead of a tough surface, there’s no instrumentality needed for the bridge, though as you progress you’ll be able to add an exercise band, dumbbell, or exercise ball to extend the issue. Whatever form of the bridge exercise you choose to do, you’ll be getting a great workout for your hips, glutes, core, and hamstrings.


russian twist workout for healthy body14. Russian Twist: Russian twist exercises are fat burning exercises; it is a very difficult exercise which can be mastered over time. There are a lot of benefits of doing this exercise. Doing this exercise can cause a flat abdomen thereby helping you in everyday activities which involves bending and picking up things and sitting on the floor. Practice any one of your favorite twist and it will not only reduce your abdomen size but also will make you feel more confident on your body and this is an exercise worth performing. Russian twist can be done easily at home saving the time of going to gym; one can move from one exercise to other with little time for rest. The whole abdomen can be kept in shape and can make a person feel confident on his body.


cycling work out for fitness15. Cycling: Cycling is a fat burning exercise, which can be done by people of all ages. By regular cycling it can help you increase your overall health and wellness level. It is a low impact exercise, as it can be done without a lot of strain. It also can be done wherever and whenever once wants, since you can have a cycle both indoor and outdoor as well. As cycling burns a lot of calories, it can be used for weight and obesity control. Many techies who risk living a stationery life, can be benefited from cycling. Since it is pollution free, it can also provide a very good means of transport. It also enables non utilization of renewable sources of energy. Therefore, east or west, cycle is the best.

Dumbbell Rows exercise16. Dumbbell rows: This exercise helps in knowing the muscle connection and knows and “feeling” of the muscle in body building. Body motion is very much increased thru this exercise. It improves body posture and develops the upper back as well. This is also one of the best ways to develop biceps. Shoulder and arm muscles are also increased and developed by this exercise. Muscular balances are increased in both sides of the body. Lastly, it helps in getting a good shape for men and women.


plank work out17. Planks: Planking is a straightforward but rather successful body-weight workout. Holding the body firmly creates strength in the muscles that associates the upper and lower body, the shoulders, arms, and glutes. Not only it will enable you to shed fat from your waistline, yet additionally helps you practically perform better in doing different exercises. As a fairly basic exercise, it is an incredible way to practice for individuals who lead a stationary way of life. Performing them for a couple of minutes daily, can support your digestion during the day or even during the night. Begin doing the planks by utilizing your elbows and toes and move up to a higher plank when you believe you have built up the necessary strength and endurance.plank exercise for fitness

18. Jumping jacks: Cardio work out basically used as a warm up before actually starting it. An exercise that burns belly fat, improves stamina, reduces stress and can be added to any workout routine that helps in increasing your heart rate and metabolism and significant improvements in body weight. To start with, one has to keep repetitions and sets short to begin with and can be increased as and when fitness improves. No complicated equipments are required but safety measures need to be followed while working out and it is a workout that everyone can do at their own intensity level with few minutes of interval in between for more benefits and can enjoy  the improvement  of quality life as muscles are utilized regularly and become  healthier.

Jumping jacks exercises

19. Burpees: Burpees are full body workouts that gets almost every muscle involved, burns more calories can be used with minimal equipment, fast-paced, never-boring exercise, and a perfect addition to any workout. It can be done anywhere even while travelling, not necessarily that one has to go to gym to do it. It improves your endurance while you enjoy doing it, as this will make easier to stay consistent and help you go the extra mile.  Just the act of doing burpees regularly will help you to be able to become stronger and exercise for longer and good way to give workout the same wake-up that keeps energized throughout the day and one can stay stronger even as age increases and body starts to decline.


20 Farmer walk: The farmer’s walk is the most straightforward exercise you can do. Simply get some weights, stroll then repeat. The advantages include building up a solid center support, which guarantees that spine stays neutral by securing against both shear and compressive powers; upgraded feeling of where your body parts are positioned on the ground. You should move with the heap while keeping up a propped center. This requires more self-discipline and focus, despite of the fact that loaded carries are difficult to do. Therefore, causing muscle to develop due to the broadened time of strong strain, particularly in the upper back, lower arms and legs.  This workout is specifically well suited for non-athletes who want to increase their strength and muscle mass.

21. Dead Lifts: This is a very essential weight lifting exercise. Dead lifts help in building both upper and lower body. If this is performed correctly, it will help in building and strengthening major muscles in. Stated below are the different benefits of this:

  1. Very helpful in burning fat, since fat burns a lot when weights are lifted.
  2. Helps in getting a better body posture. Most of the muscles are worked in the exercise alone which includes back muscles as well.
  3. It’s a safe weightlifting exercise because if it’s really hard to lift, it can just be dropped easily without hurting any body parts.
  4. As the complete weight of the bar (with or without the added weights) should be lifted using the fingers, it helps in getting a stronger grip.



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